field herping hooks and tools
Product Code: PC-FHH-40


Pets Crafts Professional Field-Herping Hook is designed for pulling heavy wooden logs, wild rocks, and all possible barriers coming in the Field-Herping.
An Essential tools for Snake handlers, Snake catchers, Field Herping enthusiasts. Made with high Quality Tempered stainless steel and Aluminum alloy tube.
Its dual non-slips grips make it great to be use in wet atmosphere conditions.

Please note: These Filed hooks are not designed for using as a lever with fulcrums and applying wrong forces and loads.

Size: 40 inch-Field Herping Hook -New 2017 Model
Colors: Black, blue, Red, Silver, Green, Pink

This Product was added to our Reptile catalog on 17,February 2017

Made in Pets Crafts PAKISTAN

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