Reptile Hide Box Medium

Product Code: PC-RBH-M

New Medium Reptile Hide Boxes are great to give your medium size reptiles secure feeling.
Black terrariums hide boxes are strong and almost unbreakable while in use.
Its offset opening gives your reptile adequate area to hide and sleep, in a result your reptile enjoys good health and habitat.
In Reptile breeding facility these hide boxes are reuse able for next batch of new borne reptiles and easy to clean again.
These are made from best available Polypropylene eco-friendly (plastic) material in the market.
Pets Crafts is introducing a Brand new feature for retailers and wholesale brands for bulk business needs.

Size: MEDIUM L 24.50 cm W 17.50 cm H 5.50 cm
Opening: W 5 cm H 4 cm
Colors: Black, and more on demand
Country of Origin: Pakistan

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