Reptile hide box with bowl

snake hide box with feeding bowl
Product Code: PC-RBH-MB

Pets Crafts Introducing a brand new Reptile Hide Box with feeding bowl . It is a unique design which gives your pet a suitable drinking and feeding space while not wasting your vivarium and terrarium space. its a space saver solution for reptile breeding racks. Its 60ml capacity cup holds water and worms in a firm position so the chances of falling water on the cage floor is almost No. Your pet will enjoy same hide with bowl and you save your space and focus more on your pet health and cage maintenance in a result your reptile enjoys good health and habitat.
These hide boxes are reuse able for next batch of new borne reptiles and easy to clean again you can dispose off the 60ml deli cup and put and other for next use. These are made from best available Polypropylene eco-friendly (plastic) material in the market
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Size: MEDIUM L 24.50 cm W 17.50 cm H 5.50 cm
Opening: W 5 cm H 4 cm
Colors: Black, and more on demand
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Product Release date: 21- May-2019

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