About Us


Pets Crafts is a dedicated manufacturer and exporter of Pets supplies. We have achieved first-rate reputation by providing innovative Quality products and dedication towards our customers’ needs. We strive to always supply the highest level and Quality of Reptile supplies, Aquascaping tools, Birds supplies, Cat & Dog accessories with best wholesale/factory price.

We have good export in more than 25 countries around the globe with 40+ retail and wholesale brands. Our In-house OEM and manufacturing facility enable us to reshape the products with novelty along with Customer’s specific demand.

Pets Crafts has a culture of continuous improvement and we are continually developing new solutions to meet the forever changing needs of our customers Pets industry. Along with conventional pet supplies we produce products with new approach which enable our bulk customers to stay ahead with good market leverage.


At Pets Crafts our vision is to transform resources into sustainable, environment friendly quality products by maintaining safety, innovation, reliability & affordability, to become market leader by adding value to the industry and delighting the stakeholders.


At Pets Crafts, our Mission is to delight & inspire our customer’s love for pets by producing ample range of Pets products and feel proud to serve the world’s pets market as an innovative company by using state of the art technologies and committing for a sustainable growth of our future. We reflect the pet’s lives & inspire the living of people with a concept of producing affordable and reliable products. Our assets are our stakeholders & employees which help us to make a difference.


• 100% advance for small orders -OR- 50% advance for large orders & remaining 50% before shipment.
• Customer/Consignee will (afford) pay the bank charge or money transfer fee over the agreed total invoice value in his (own) Bank/ money transfer agent.
• Pets Crafts will (afford) pay his (own) bank charges on receiving the agreed amount as per invoice with customer/consignee.

Mode of Payment:

• T/T – Bank Transfer (for bulk orders/ Commercial orders)
• Western Union, Money Gram (for sample/ trial orders/Non-Commercial orders)

General Shipping Terms:

• Shipping is the responsibility of the customer (consignee)
• Shipping charges are determined by the weight of your order and the destination…
• It shall be the consignee responsibility to comply with all Federal, State, Local laws governing the import or custom or sale of any item listed, illustrated, or sold.
• Pets Crafts is responsible for the custom clearance and tax related matters for its Home country
(Pakistan only) and the consignee is responsible for the custom clearance, tax related matters for his own territory/Country
• At the time of order/purchase a customer/consignee must understand the state, local and federal laws which may prohibit the use, or ownership of any item(s)
• To safe from any inconvenience customer/consignee must be well aware of his country custom/imports duties and laws.